Immigrant Backers to Obama: 'Go Big and Bold'

Immigration advocates plan to make one more big push for big relief for immigrant families from the president.

A coalition of immigration advocates who operate under the banner of Fair Immigration Reform Movement, FIRM, said they are organizing at least 15 events around the country for Aug. 28 to mark what they are calling National Day to Fight For Families. The lead event is a march and rally in Washington, D.C. from Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters. They hope to draw 2,000 protesters and are planning for 200 people to stage a demonstration in front of the White House, which could lead to their arrests.

President Barak Obama, who is currently on vacation, is considering using his executive powers to protect some immigrants from deportation. But he has warned that his authority can only extend so far. Gustavo Andrade, Casa de Maryland community organizing director, said the message of the events to the president is to go “big and generous and bold” with his executive action and that “this is what Latinos wanted when they elected him president.”


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– Suzanne Gamboa

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Immigrant Backers to Obama: 'Go Big and Bold'
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