Immigration activists march through downtown Phoenix


Immigration protesters marched through downtown Phoenix as part of the United We Dream campaign. An estimated 300 activists marched down Central Avenue to the Immigration & Customs Enforcement building where they held a rally.

Marchers chanted slogans like “stop the deportations now” and “I’m undocumented and un-afraid”.

Dozens of Phoenix Police Officers blocked traffic for the protesters, ensured marchers stayed on the sidewalk, and ensured everyone was safe.

Some marchers had family members locked up in immigration detention centers. They demanded that the President not deport those family members and tear apart families.

Young marchers called on Governor Jan Brewer to give undocumented people drivers licenses. “People need to get to their jobs, people need to groceries, pick up their kids from school, go to school and those rights are being taken away from us” said Ray Jose.

FOX 10 asked Jose what he would say to people who say a drivers license is not a right but a privilege given to citizens, he said “Like I would just say to anyone, I’m undocumented myself and I believe I’m a human being”.

Dulce Perez had a message for the President, “Imagine if you were a parent without papers and imagine if your daughters were crying for you, and what about if they deported you to another place or something. We want you to give us the immigration reform so we can be together”.

Activists say more than 1,000 are deported every day under President Obama’s watch.




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Immigration activists march through downtown Phoenix
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