Immigration focus for UKIP's Gill

Nathan GillNathan Gill is top of UKIP’s list of candidates in Wales

UKIP’s lead Welsh candidate will focus on European immigration and red tape in his speech to the party’s national conference today.

Using the conference as a launchpad for the forthcoming European election, Nathan Gill will say UKIP’s ambition is to top the poll in Wales.

He will also emphasise UKIP as the only Welsh party in May’s poll urging withdrawal from the European Union.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage will also address the gathering in Torquay.

The party won its first Welsh seat in the last European election in 2009.

A recent ITV Cymru/You Gov opinion poll shows UKIP in second place behind Labour. If that were translated into the election result, UKIP would retain its seat.

However, in a speech this afternoon to UKIP’s national conference, Mr Gill will say the party’s ambition is to win the election in Wales.

‘Positive vision’

Mr Gill will argue that voters “are ready for change and are fed up of the tired old parties”.

Highlighting UKIP’s “positive vision for Wales and the UK outside the European Union”, he will say the party’s election campaign will focus on concerns about EU immigration and regulations.

Nathan Gill

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BBC Wales’ annual St David’s Day opinion poll shows 60% of Welsh voters thought immigration to the UK was too high, with only 31% saying the level was “about right”.

But the survey, carried out by pollsters ICM, also shows more than half of respondents would like the UK to remain as part of the EU – 54% wanting to stay and 40% wanting to pull out.

Mr Gill secured UKIP’s best result in a Welsh assembly seat in the 2013 Ynys Mon by-election – pushing Labour close for second place.

He will say UKIP has continued its development in Wales by doubling membership of the party in the past year.

Its conference in Torquay on Friday will be followed by a public meeting and action day on Saturday.

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Immigration focus for UKIP's Gill
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