Immigration Overhaul Suffers Setback

At the debt ceiling.

Peter cook is with us.

He is our chief wash and correspondent.

I know there is a shift in the last 24 hours in this debate.

The debate was like to immigration.

What is the shift?

Immigration is the bigger story.

As close as we are to the debt ceiling deadline, john boehner tabled immigration for this year is a very big deal.

It has big implications for the big — midterm elections.

As for the debt ceiling, john boehner is a man and a box.

At some point, he must concede defeat and move on and allow for a clean debt ceiling increase.

Everybody knows that is what is going to happen at the end of the day.

There is a narrow window for them to get that done.

There are still the risk for some kind of mayhem in between.

The clock is ticking and the window is narrow.

On immigration, it will have an impact on midterm elections, but what about the presidential elections?

That is the best case scenario, to deal with this year.

Top republicans have been telling him that.

He is also listening to his rank-and-file members in the house.

They believe that introducing this issue right now would jeopardize their chances for boosting the numbers in the house and retaking the senate.

That is job one for them.

They think obamacare is the story of the year.

They think putting immigration in their jeopardizes that.

Ultimately, they have to get it done.

Chairman yellen had some important testimony next week.

How will that be treated in washington?

The testimony on tuesday is a bigger deal of people think, only because it set the tone and terms of the reception she will get.

They want to spend a lot of this year scrutinizing the federal reserve, not necessarily bashing janet yellen personally, this is her first time on the hill and she will get tough questions.

It will set the tone for the future.

He was to scrutinize the fed this year.

I think it will be more political than economic should be the take away.

We have been buzzing about joe biden.

He was speaking in philadelphia about infrastructure talking about more investment in the country.

He made some unflattering comments about new york city.

If i blindfolded somebody and took them to an airport in hong kong and said it where do you think you are, they would say this is america, it is a month — modern airport if i took you to look warning, you must think you are in a third world country.

He knows his airports.

Airport export stephen roach from el university.

Boy did joe biden nail that.

When was last time he was in any kind of airport.

He travels on that super exclusive private jet.

Those are the old days.

La guardia is lousy.

Jfk is slow motion.

Your tax dollars in washington, la guardia is better than it was 10 years ago.

That is not saying much.

Joe biden can find that out when he rejoins the private sector.

Apparently he will decide about running for president next year.

Peter cook in washington, a busy weekend on the debt ceiling as we go to chairman yellin’s testimony.

Everybody new york will remember those questions if he runs for president.

I will be knocking on his door.

I get so much mail about your caution of the economic experiment.

We have a jobs day today.

Last month, everybody got it wrong.

Why are we too optimistic?

Companies have higher — higher — please higher — most people are overly in debt and saving short and reluctant to spend.

So much of the economics

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Immigration Overhaul Suffers Setback
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