Immigration Reform Takes a Hit

Joins us now with more.

What is it that boehner said that kind of changes the picture here?

He just wrapped up his weekly news conference, and at that news conference, he made pretty clear that a couple things have to happen before republicans move forward on immigration.

He was waiting to get feedback from members.

By and large, any things is conference is supportive of these ideas moving forward on immigration reform, but he went on to say that he does not think the president has built up enough trust.

And any basically — and he basically said the president has not proven he can be trusted.

He was not able to be trusted on health care so why should he be trusted on immigration?

Take a listen.

I have made clear for 15 months the need for the congress and the administration to work together on immigration reform.

It needs to get done.

I am going to continue to talk to my members about how to move forward.

He said members are saying why would we risk our chances of taking back the senate this year and introduce this issue in an election year when we are looking pretty good on issues like obamacare?

That is privately what a lot of americans are — that is privately what a lot of members are telling him.

I’m having a little trouble understanding why the republican party would decide to do this now.

We know the struggle met romney had in recruiting hispanics.

It is widely cited — and other immigrant groups, for that reason — widely cited as one of the reasons he lost the election to obama.

Why would they want to take another chance on immigration heading into the midterm elections?

These are not presidential elections.

These are elections historically won or lost based on grassroots base.

Even though the elite republican establishment in washington wants to do immigration reform, the republican base is very resistant to this.

I think what we are seeing happen is that base rise up and tell john boehner we do not want to do this.

We are not going to do this this year.

And if you demoralize us, maybe we won’t show up in november.

Is it not possible that that is tricky calculus?

Peter, jump in here.

To the point you make, this is all about the base.

I thought winning elections was all about captivating the swing vote.

I agree that this midterm election is a very different outfit for republicans than the presidential election and these guys are worried about their jobs more than anything else of this point.

The one thing i was going to add to the conversation is that this does put pressure on the administration to try to respond.

What can they do to light the fire, bring it back to the table?

Chuck schumer would love to see this done within this election year for political reasons and otherwise.

We will wait to see how democrats respond.

Do they think john boehner killed this or can they in some way revive that?

Do you think this is a bargaining tactic on john boehner’s part?

I think this is john boehner coming up with the reason why not to move forward with immigration reform, winning in on president obama and satisfying his republican colleagues in the house and the senate that they do not want to rock the boat in this election year.

They think they can win if they don’t bring immigration into the mix.

They think it would suck oxygen from the health-care debate and they know they can win on that ground.

I’ve always thought there was a better chance to do immigration reform in 2015 man this year.

I think the developments today kind of reiterate that.

Next year we will be looking ahead at a presidential election, a national election,

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Immigration Reform Takes a Hit
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