Immigrant families heading to New Mexico

By Patrick Hayes
LAS CRUCES, N.M. – Hundreds of immigrant families caught crossing the border may be coming to New Mexico.

Deacon Thomas Baca is the executive director of Catholic Charities and told KFOX14 that nearly 300 immigrant families are in need of housing.

“And most of the people so far have provided an address of family members they can go see or go stay with,” said Baca.  “So then there’s the process of getting them their itineraries and getting them on buses to go to those destinations.”

The Diocese of Las Cruces is trying to raise funds and is racing to get possible housing ready.

One of the likely destinations is St. Anthony’s in Anthony, New Mexico.

Church leaders are looking for places that have kitchens and showers.

Meanwhile, the Diocese of El Paso is currently housing a few hundred immigrants.

Once the immigrants arrive, the church will be looking for money, diapers and food. 

Other assistance is already available for immigrant women at the Women’s Intercultural Center. 

Mary Carter, the center’s executive director said, “We provide classes, training and workshops on alternative education and personal development, economic self-sufficiency and civic engagement.”

Chihuahua native Magali Almarz said she crossed the border in 2009 and started getting assistance from the organization.

She told KFOX14, “I became a better person.”

Both the Las Cruces and El Paso dioceses will meet on Wednesday to see what arrangements, if any, can be made.

For more information about the Women’s Intercultural Center call 575-882-5556.

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Immigrant families heading to New Mexico
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